Knew it.

I check it again. I knew I shouldn’t but I checked again. Word I hadn’t done it in a couple months but I checked it again. Pictures didn’t load maybe it was a sign to log off but my mind hasn’t been resting again. So again I went in. The text did load tho, looks like my mind won’t be resting, again. Quiet remainders of the absents of friends. My fault, I know it. I can sense it again. My mind getting cluttered. The thoughts that I stuttered. The words that I shudder, to who? Not you. Or any being for that matter. To my own self I blabber. To my feet once I staggered. Just to trip once again. I tripped once again. I checked once again. I knew I shouldn’t have, but I checked once again.

Not a player.

“Every night is a lonely night.”

— Six Word Story (via gommor)

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Mickey Mouse repeatedly attempted suicide in a 1930’s comic strip because he suspected Minnie was interested in another mouse.


Rock Steady Crew (Beat Street 1984)